Friday, August 07, 2009

Carren has a "spread the word" favor...

I have a few friends who have asked me to help get the word out about some things. So, I thought what better way than posting here to all of you faithful readers who still manage to find what Chuck has to say interesting. Okay, that's not nice of me to say about my husband... he is quite interesting ;)

Anywho, please take a few moments to read this post and then decide whether you want to help me get the word out. I would really appreciate it, as would my friends!

1. A mil-spouse friend writes a column called "The Paycheck Chronicles" for in their finance section. She gives smart, witty, practical, insightful, funny, etc. advice about the many challenges we Americans face in this trying economical time. Maybe you don't need or want the financial advice, but someone you know may benefit from the site. So please, share the link with all your friends!

2. Like classic rock and/or blues? Well, I have a band for you to check out! My dear friend and co-worker from PA (and I do miss her so) is "married to a rock star." Well, she always joked about being married to a rock star... Her husband is in a band called "Four Day Crawl" with his brother and some buddies. They recently produced a CD called "Overdue" and I LOVE it!!! You can listen to their music on MySpace or CD Baby.
Again, please help me help a friend spread the word about Four Day Crawl. They really are an awesome band and I think you will enjoy the music!

3. Last, but not least, I have another mil-spouse friend who started a company called "Military Matters." The month of August is the Grand Opening and you get 20% off any orders you place this month! So what is Military Matters? Well, click on the link and check out the website (and don't forget to order), but you can also read the blurb below, direct from the site's home page.

"Military Matters offers personalized military-themed jewelry and unique novelty items aimed at military spouses and military families. We strive to match the intense pride that comes with being a member of the military community with high-quality, fashionable items that proudly showcase that pride. All of our products are focus-group tested by military spouses and military mothers so that we can be sure the products we offer are items that you will want to purchase, and will enjoy for years to come."

Thanks for helping spread the word for my friends!!! And thanks for continuing to humor my husband by reading his blog.... ;)

Until next time...
Carren/The Mrs./Chuck's Better Half

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