Sunday, August 30, 2009

Defense of the Castle

Today was a Good day. Alerted that the denizens of the castle may be under observation, and possibly assault, saw that a demonstration, or possibly a show of force may be needed. I issued a quick Warning Order to the Family Squad, then departed the AO to secure Class V from Cabelas and Class VI from the Class VI store. (No GO #1 at the castle, you see.)
By the time I'd returned, the boss had finished some PT to get her adrenaline up, and the kids were all aflutter. I loaded the weapons into the truck, then das dummer Hund, the boss, the dismounts, all the errata that goes with them, and we were off to the castle.

We started with the tour of the realm, then the showing off of really cool stuff, (which was mostly me and the Armorer, and the Dismounts and The Boss doing their Cavalry Re-certification. I too was re-certified, while das dummer Hund tried to get either stepped on or kicked in the head by the horse.

After the showing of cool things, I was given a grand tour of the Armory, (I am in total awe) and then we moved to the ramparts to conduct a show of force. First, the dismounts practiced their sidearm drills, then the boss showed us all how it was possible to shoot right handed, but use the left eye to aim. The dismounts then demonstrated their sniper techniques.
The Armorer then demonstrated his knowledge of obscura mechanica, firing a weapon that I am sure Saladin himself once used. I then used my mad skilz with the bammy shooty (for you marines who may be using this) and demonstrated to any would-be spies my ability to sling lead and dispense with soul-cleansing flames of 7.62 x 39 wrath and scunion.

The Castle remains free.

Note:* If anyone thinks that my children are too young to do these things, tough. They are my kids. I get to decide that, not you. Just because your slack-jawed mouthbreather can't muster enough sense or attention span to pay attention and learn how to exercise their specific, enumerated right, doesn't mean that my children cannot learn to do so. If you think you can provide a rational, reasoned argument why I should not encourage and teach my children to safely handle firearms, please, by all means, do so. First, explain it to my dog:

Yes that is a pancake on his head. It makes as much sense as you do.


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