Thursday, August 06, 2009

Drop the dime on the people sending out bogus info on healthcare

Here’s an idea:

Send the white house the entire text of the Health”Care” Bill:

Go to the “XML” version:

Wait for the huge file to download to your computer. (It’s about 2MB of text.)

Click “Edit” and “Select All” (or use [Ctrl]-a)

Click “Edit” and “Copy” (or just [Ctrl]-c)

Paste that into an e-mail to “”

There is not much fishier than that monstrosity. …except for “journalism” having become a massage service for the White House. …except for ACORN. …except for SEIU. …except for 40 “Czars” running the government instead of those subject to the advice and consent of the Senate. …

Maybe the president will read it if he is sent a copy.

It’s a peaceful form of protest, right? There’s a good dose of irony too.

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