Sunday, August 23, 2009

Gift giving

I am trying very, very hard to get to the gun blog rendezvous this year. The biggest hurdle is the Army (right now) giving me the time off to do it. It means I have to add work on an already heavy workload ahead of time, AND keep up with my work while I go, but it's worth it.

I went two years ago, when they selected Valour-IT as their charity to raise money for that year. Since then, they've added Valour-IT as their permanent charity.

Like I said, I'm trying really hard to get there. There's a donate button over there on the left side of the page (it's the big yellow one that says "Donate") that will help me pay for the trip, which is gonna run about $800 for air+hotel. The best part? Any donations going there go thru paypal, which in turn is going to result in my writing about guns, shooting guns, encouraging other people to buy, shoot, and carry guns.

I am going to be addressing the gathered bloggers, journalists, groupies and sponsors about several things, primarily Soldier'sAngels and Valour-it, as well as Why I serve, and how they can continue to help.

As many of you have read here, this year they are selling raffle tix for a gun, ( a very, very nice gun) a training session at frontsight, and well,

a Para USA GI Expert that you need not be present to win! In that same drawing, you can win a certificate for four days of training at Front Sight in Nevada. Valued at $2,000, you can use it for one four-day class or two two-day classes.

IF YOU ATTEND you can purchase raffle tickets that might win you another Para pistol, or a Hi Point 9mm Carbine. Or you might win a framed Heller Kitty t-shirt autographed by Alan Gura! Other sponsors include (but are not limited to):

Steel Challenge Shooting Association

National Shooting Sports Foundation



Dillon Precision

Lucky Gunner Ammo

Natchez Shooter's Supply

Midway USA


Nosler Bullets

Remember, Paypal is asshats, but : luckygunner is now handling the online auction tix sales.

And please, hit that donate button.


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