Saturday, August 15, 2009

If you want something done right, do it yourself.

I've had several commentators ask me when the military is going to march into Washington and "throw the bums out." When is the military going to overthrow this oppressive gummint, and water that tree of liberty.

I'll tell you when, and I'll tell you why:

Never. Never Ever.

The US Military isn't in the business of overthrowing our government. It simply isn't what we do.

Of course, we are also not used to quell rebellion, either. We are here to uphold and defend the constitution, against all enemies, foreign and domestic, and to bear true faith and allegiance to the same.

What this means, good people, is that if a time comes where Americans choose to take up arms against their government, because their government is becoming (or is) a tyranny that no longer serves the people, then it is up to you to throw off your chains. We won't do it for you, and you shouldn't expect us to, because that shows that you don't want freedom, just a change in masters.

The same laws that protect you from us (posse commitatus) also prevent us from attacking the legislature, executive, or judicial branch. Them folks (with a notable exception) are all Americans. Just like you. We don't attack Americans.

Would the military stand idly by while an open revolt was going on in the streets of Washington? I suppose that depends on what the "revolutionaries" were espousing. If it was a return to founder's principles, then I don't suppose we'd mix it up. If it wanted to scrap the constitution and start over, then maybe you'd see me defending the national archives, or the government legally in place according to the constitution. Semantics, to some, but would you want us to stand idly by while the Scientologists behead the government officials to establish L. Ron Hubbard's ashes as the supreme leader?

The thing is, if a revolution did enter d.c. and managed to put chlorine in the political gene pool, Nothing would change if the gummint was left intact. The same retards that hopeychanged us into the current unpleasantness would soon put us into the same situation with the next personality cult to come down the street. The only benefit would be for a short while, while people considered if they really wanted to be a politician. Unfortunately, the draw of money, fame, and power is too strong to keep those with nefarious purposes out for long.

Maybe the founders (who never envisioned a standing Army anyway) believed that when the government became too big for its britches, the populace would purge them at the barrel of a gun. Maybe that was the original check and balance. Maybe that was the reason for the 2nd amendment.

So if you think the military should overthrow our government, you are squarely in the "We should go over there and do something..." crowd. The crowd that by "We" really means "Me." We should do something as long as You don't risk a damned thing. If you think the gov't needs to go, vote them out. Convince others to do likewise. Build a true grassroots (a term I loathe, because it refers to everyday people being lower than dirt) effort to get people out to vote. Campaign for your candidate, foster change. Challenge candidates honestly and openly, without just repeating the talking points you heard on the radio. Read bills and take your currently elected reps to task when they vote for a bill that is contrary to your beliefs. Do you damnedest to help people learn what their reps are doing--without the spin that campaigns put on.

And if time comes to take up arms against your government, be prepared to do so. Because when that time comes, you likely won't be "allowed" to buy a gun any more.


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