Thursday, August 20, 2009

Paypal is still asshats

Paypal is still asshats, but there's always a workaround!

Hi Chuck,

I saw your post here about the PayPal debacle with Soldiers' Angels:

Anyhow, wanted to update you on the eventual outcome of that little stunt by PayPal because it has a happy ending that's actually associated with my company, Lucky Gunner Ammo, which is kinda cool. Here's why.

I read Kevin's blog post about PayPal shutting down the auction and it really pissed me off, similar to your feelings if your post is any indication. Well, I work with Lucky Gunner Ammo and we had the existing infrastructure i.e. credit card processing and online order handling - to take over the online portion of the auction and handle the ticket sales for Soldiers' Angels online. So I emailed Kevin and Mike, the guy behind the Gun Blogger's Rendezvous, and we got a new auction page setup, sans PayPal:

Anyhow, we threw that page together and got it up about 2 weeks ago and have raised over $1,100 since. Pretty positive stuff, huh?

Now we've got about 3 weeks left til the auction actually closes and we're in the home stretch of the fund raising effort. That's why I wanted to reach out to you.

See, the only way people will know about the raffle being back online is if the blog community spreads the word like they did when PayPal shut down the raffle. That's why I wanted to see if you'd update your post and include the new URL where people can get the tickets.

What do you think...Can you update that post of yours and include a mention of the new online raffle location at Lucky Gunner Ammo? I'm sure your readers would appreciate it and I know Soldiers' Angels loves every ticket that we sell.

Thanks in advance,

Brian Crane

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