Thursday, August 27, 2009

Scamming assholes

Soldiers' Angels is not involved with anyone selling magazines door-to-door, nor have we been in contact with a door-to-door magazine seller who has said they are donating a percentage of their sales to Soldiers' Angels. Individual companies may plan to donate to Soldiers' Angels, but unless they have made formal arrangements with us to do so, we cannot endorse their fundraising activities.

In general, if a company is working with Soldiers' Angels, information on their project will be found on this site. Just click "Search" on the left side of this page here and enter the name of the company or project to see if they are legit. If you ever have questions about a company, you can ask them for the name of their Soldiers' Angels contact or email (sometimes local or small companies will make arrangements that don't appear on the website).

The statement above is posted in response to the following email Soldiers' Angels recently received:

I am writing to you to see if a door-to-door mail scam that promised to donate 1/2 their proceeds to the Soldier's Angels organization is really doing that.

Here's what happened: a young girl said she was going to college and works for the Fit for Life, Inc. She said for $48 a magazine, they would donate $24 to purchasing and sending a magazine to a troop through Soldiers' Angels. She then said the remainder would go to her college tuition and books, etc, directly through the school. She could not verify a 501(c)(3) standing, and when pushed said their costs were covered by a $15.00 processing fee.

We turned her away and said come back with a 501(c)(3) letter...When I did an Internet search, the only relevant item I noted about Fit for Fife, Inc. was that it was listed in door-to-door scams and magazine scams notices.

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