Friday, September 18, 2009

Busy as a one pinkyed man at a booger picking contest

I know I haven't written much since Reno, but it's been a hellish week.

Reno, and the Gun Blog Rendezvous, was awesome. I had the opportunity to meet Alan Gura, the Lawyer who defended Joseph Heller in Heller vs. DC. His take on the gun rights struggle was eye-opening. He frames the struggle not as one based on interpretation of the constitution, but as one based on precedent. It was interesting to see it through the eyes of someone fighting in the courts.

I also spent two days on the range, the second day being the one I posted the video. The girl shooting (or, I should say, out-shooting) all of us is Molly ( The Molly Minute,). Molly has been shooting since she was 12, and a year later, at 13, she is sponsored by smith and wesson, an incredibly talented shooter, and a damned nice girl. Incredibly respectful and down to earth, tweo traits I blame her parents for. Her folks were both there as well, and it is easy to see where she gets her manners from. Molly was great fun to meet and shoot with.

There were many new faces, as well as faces I'd seen before, but I don't want to "Out" anyone, so I'll just link to them... If I miss anyone, apologies. (security specialists for my backpack)
Mr. Completely
Say Uncle
Cap'n Bob and the Damsel,
The Clue Meter
Cheaper Than Dirt blog
U.S. Citizen
Engineering Johnson

And we raised over $8,000 for VALOUR-IT!


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