Monday, September 28, 2009

They are back (sorta)

Many of you don't know this, but the one blog that got me started, that made me say "Hell Yeah!" the first time I read it, is the now-defunct Kim wrote an amazing piece, called "the pussificationm of the American Male" which was sent to my inbox on morning in 2004. I read that article and though, "I need to read more stuff like this."

Kim's first website died a violent death when he learned (the hard way) that anything you say can (and will) be held against you as human resources folks increasingly use google to figure out who they are hiring. In a world where "disgruntled employee" is a term that scares the crap out of people, writing a blog where you talk about liking eeeeevil guns, the stupidity of gun control legislation, the socialists in government who would just as soon take those guns away from you, and how he saw all of this happen in his native homeland of South Afrika, made him somewhat less than employable in his field.

So Kim killed his blog. It would reemerge later as "The other side of Kim" where he discussed travel, fine food, art, music, friendship, philosophy, and yes, guns. After many years of blogging, Kim grew tired of people who buitched about his content, and declared "No more free ice cream." Last year, he pulled the plug.

I was sad to ssee him go--Kim was one of two people I talked to from Iraq when I first killed someone. That killing a person didn't really bother me, bothered me. Kim and I discussed it at length, and I came to terms with the fact that the separation from business and personal was what made warfare different from murder. That I felt no remorse from killing was becuase I didn't have much to be remorseful about, and besides, I had other things to focus on at the moment, being a company commander and all.

Like I said, he was one of two people I talked about. I respect Kim that much.

After giving the author-side of the blogosphere a hearty "Uckfay ooyay," Kim disappeared. Since he was the first stop on my morning superhighway commute, I was left missing him, and still do.

But now, it seems, I may at least get a weekly respite, as Kim and His wife Connie have a blogtalkradio show!


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