Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Thinking about the future

I swear I've heard once or twice lately that there are more and more Americans registering as independents/no party/none of the above on their voter registrations.

Here in AZ, you can go on line and change your party affiliation with minimal effort. It's really quite awesome in its simplicity.

I wonder what would happen if AZ had more independent voters than it did D's or R's. Would we be a purple state? What would happen if there were more purple states than blue or red? Would the politicians in DC finally start to understand that we're not buying it hook, line, and sinker anymore?

There's a lot of room in the sidebar down towards the bottom, and I think I'm going to add a list of links for states that have an online way to change update your voter registration. This is because I'm a giver. I realize there are a lot of people in the military community who read this blog. People in the military move a lot. Wouldn't it be nice to have a handy link to make sure you're registered to vote in your new home town? Hey Chuck! Have you re-registered to vote since you moved?

And on the odd chance you're just in the mood to change the letter after "Party" on your voter card, well that's cool too.

Feel free to put links to your state's voter website in the comments to help this monkey out.

~~Code Monkey
(Not Chuck)

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