Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Update on Chuck...

This is Carren, reporting in for blogging duty... while my cat throws up for the THIRD TIME since I've been home!!! I swear, between my kids and all their daily drama, Chuck going to the hospital (again!) and my cats throwing up... I think I need to take some of Chuck's pills...

I left the hospital about 7pm-ish. Chuck was half asleep, but continued to have pain. His nurse was really nice and I filled in the nurse for the next shift so she knew what kind of patient she was dealing with (Chuck is a good patient... except when in pain... the nurse will be fine... I hope).

The kids are handling this well, I think. Quite wound up when I picked them up from my friend's house (Thanks, Deb!). Adelle is taking this the hardest - crying and asking why daddy has to keep going to hospitals. She told me her tummy hurt so I gave her a heating pad (hey, if she thinks it will help her feel better, it works for me!). Both kids are now sound asleep (or they have escaped out the window... maybe I should check).

I will head back to the hospital after the kids get on the bus in the morning and HOPEFULLY come home with my heavily medicated husband. I'm supposed to go to San Diego this weekend for SpouseBuzz. I told Chuck he didn't have to go to such great lengths to keep me home ;)

Okay, now the cat is throwing up for the FOURTH time!!! Calgon, take me away!!!

Will update tomorrow... night, all.

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