Sunday, October 18, 2009

An amazing end to an amazing week

This morning, while trying desparately to overcome the effects of a Bombay-Sapphire Gimlet overdose, I met Matt Goss at the Soldier's Angels Booth.  My first impressions were that the young Britisher was a very polite and handsome man, (as in I'm glad the Mrs. wasn't here--like you don't want the Mrs. meeting Brad Pitt) but had no idea who he was. 
Per the usual, my first impressions were dead on accurate, but my incredible person radar was disastrously impaired by the gin-fog that soaked my brain and liver.  (Hey, last night I was kissed by a not-so-blushing new bride--just a peck, mind you, in front of her husband--and I was propositioned by a hooker who referred to herself as an "independent contractor.")  It was a really fun night with the milblog mafia.
So Matt Goss and I met, I found out he was a singer, had an act at the Palms, and then curled up into a self-wallowing bout of withdrawal--can't take my pain meds with booze in the system.  But damn, it was a fun night.  Toby Nunn, on the other hand, was on his game.  He talked at length with Matt Goss, told him about Soldier's Angels, VALOUR-IT, and what we were doing here.
Matt then invited Toby to bring his semi-retardedly hungover friend (me) to his show tonight. 
We went to the show. 
He covered every genre.  He added his own twist to old favorites.  As incredibly talented as he is, he still showcased the other members of his band's individual talents, and they too are phenomenal musicians.  His dancers--six beautiful (and frighteningly flexible) ladies added an even higher level of energy to an already electrifying show.
If you haven't guessed by now, I enjoyed his show more than any other I've ever seen.
After the show, we went up to meet Matt and thank him for the invitation.  I shook his hand and I gave him my Soldier'sAngels Valour-IT coin that I've carried everywhere.  In a side conversation, Toby explained how much that coin meant to me.  Then Matt Goss did someting absolutely touching and deeply appreciated. He showed me a coin he had hand-made in India.  It's 24k rose gold, and hand engraved with a beautifully designed Ganesha, and the inscription "OM GUNG GANAPTA NAMAH" on the reverse.  He explained that the inscription was a mantra that was used to remove obstacles from you life.  Further more, he's carried that coin for every performance he's EVER done.  And he's done thousands of shows all over the world.  He now carries my coin in its stead, and I his.
He is an absolute gentleman, and a HUGE supporter of the troops.  He asked us if we could help him get his show to Iraq or Afghanistan for Christmas--he wants to be there more than anywhere else in the world.  He is awed by the sacrifice we make and wants to bring happiness, or at least a moment of respite from the war to our soldiers.  Toby and I have some homework to do--but we are going to expend all our energy to make it happen for him.

Namaste, Matt.


Here he is singing "Superstitious." A Fantastic performance showing a very intimate gig at HMV in Glasgow. Showcasing the amazing vocal Matt truly has.Soldiers would LOVE his show.

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