Monday, October 26, 2009

And so it begins

Today marks the start of the fifth annual VALOur-IT fundraiser.

If you've read this blog for a day or so, you know what VALOur-IT is.  If not, I'll enlighten you shortly.

To be honest, I'd like to see Team Army win, but I really want to see the charity win--meaning we get enough money to provide laptops for all existing requirements, and have plenty left over to meet recurring demands.

This means that for the 238,000,000 American Citizens out there who've never served a day in uniform, today's freedom costs you only $.004.  That's less than half a cent apiece.  That tiny amount would net VALOUR-IT over $1 million, and fund over 1000 laptops.  It would give us the purchasing power to make real deals with computer companies (Dell, HP, etc.)  If however, you'd like to contribute more than your Fair Share (TM), that is always welcome, since as we all know, there's something like 100 million deadbeats and dole-takers out there

Something like 25,000 Service members have been wounded in combat.  Of those, most were wounds to extremities.  They've given their contribution, how about you?

I don't want any donations based on guilt or pity, you can keep that money.  If you have any money in the kitty designated as "Worthy cause to Help a wounded service member" that money is welcome.

But honestly, the most important thing you can do is reach out to the 237,999,998 Americans who don't read this blog.  Make them aware of VALOur-IT, Soldiers Angels, and the 2009 service members waiting to be adopted.  Encourage them not only to donate (especially to Team Army, since the Army bears the brunt of the casualties, and does the majority of the fighting) but to also reach out to other people they know, to educate, contribute, and ask them to reach out.  It's how things go viral besides the video of the fat kid going ape in the candy store.

Four tenths of one cent, if given freely by every American who enjoys the freedoms  guaranteed and secured by others, can give those who've lost the ability to use their hands or eyes or ability to otherwise use the basic tools we all use to communicate and participate in society over vast distances.  It can help them realize their world has not collapsed, that they can once again talk to their brothers still fighting, email a loved one, tell their story, or just play a game of solitaire.

Four tenths of one cent--such a small price to pay to honor those who so desperately need to feel whole again.

Contribute, reach out, educate, encourage.  Fundraiser goes through November 11th.