Thursday, October 08, 2009

Bravo Troop 361 Cavalry--Scouts out, in contact and need your help.

In the last 36 hours, bloggers from "left" to "right" have teamed up with the American Legion and other military support organizations to support the survivors of the battle at COP Keating. And Soldiers' Angels has jumped in to help!

Not only did the soldiers of COP Keating fight a ferocious battle that included a breach of the base at one point, they lost eight of their brothers (while they donated blood as the battle raged) and watched their living quarters go up in smoke. A participant in the battle who got out later wrote via email, “Most people back home don't even know, no one gives a s***.”

Well, he's already being proven wrong!

Blogger and troop supporter extraordinaire "Tanker Babe" was the first to sound the alarm, pointing out that while the very-most basics would be replaced by the US Army, these heroes needed more. Bloggers across the political spectrum answered the call as Tanker Babe began to coordinate specific item donations of extra clothing and toiletries. Soldiers' Angels pitched in with 54 pairs of socks and a stack of cards and letters written by kids, and within 36 hours Tanker Babe was proud to report, "Mission accomplished."

The American Legion also stepped up to lead in lifting the morale of these brave warriors another way:

In the battle for Combat Outpost Keating, the men of Bravo Troop 361 Cavalry lost every possession they had, save for the clothes on their backs. These men have lost friends, their outpost, and all their belongings. One soldier who made it out wrote that “most people back home don't even know, no one gives a s***.” Well, many of us do. And you can prove it by giving whatever you can. These guys need things like running shoes, and other essentials, as well as some comfort items like iPods and DVD players. The American Legion has kicked in $1000 to start the fund, and your humble blogger will be the first to donate $100. (I'll just sell some painkillers to the guy driving the ice-cream truck or the school bus) I intend to get these items out by the end of next week. ANY amount you can give, no matter how small will help us prove that we care.

Even if you can't give anything, pray for them.  They are out there and unafraid, but as long as you keep them in your hearts and in your prayers, they are never alone.

Except for you Buddists--Ya'll pray at incense and trees and rocks and stuff.  Ya'll just send money. 


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