Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Enough of that.

I had to disable the pop-up warning.  Mostly because it was irritating the crap out of my readers (and those two people are important) and it was also being indexed by pornography sites.  I really don't want a bunch of pre-pubescent children (or pubescent children) snogging around on this site looking for naked pictures of the kardashians, home porn movies of Lara Logan, stealing MP3 files for free from Lil Fizz, Lill Kim, Biggie and Tupac.  I don't need visitors from people interested in Bill Bellamy (the guy on "Who's got Jokes" if you're interested).  I don't want teen age girls who should be rollerskating home in their school girl uniforms coming here and running into a young boy who is looking for bikini pictures of Abigail Breslin.  They should be outside, meeting people and learning how to act that way, not hanging out in free video chat rooms, looking to find a girlfriend or partner online.  Honestly, I think that those young boys should be spanked by their mothers for trying to find love online.  They will never learn live, one-on-one interaction this way, they need to learn how to really talk with girls.
My Site tracker tells me I sometimes even get search hits from people looking for straight up porn--like one I got that was "playboy fresh faces daniella mugnolo" whoever that is.  I also had searches for the mountain goatse very two hours today.  Weird.

So as you can see, the 'adult content" warning just drew more boobs and perverts than usual.  I know my loyal readership isn't coming here for hot girl-girl action, boy-boy action, father-daughter action, mom and son action, or any other kind of action.  You won't find Blond, Brunette or Redhead porn here, Just the occasional Tank Porn.  If I could get a tank in lingerie, then maybe that's a new kind of kinky I would welcome.  But only in lingerie.  Tanks in latex, or in leather, or in pudding, just not the same.

So there is no more click-through warning.  But you won't find any of the aforementioned weirdness on these pages.  If that's what you are looking for, you really need to improve your Yahoo! AIM, or Google Skills.


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