Friday, October 09, 2009

"A Major Award"

Last night my netbook died a horrible death.  I was walking across the kitchen when dizziness ensued, I fell, and said netbook also took a four-foot drop onto linoleum-covered concrete.

I powered it up, to see the LCD Screen was shattered.


Merde! Merde! Merde!

First, I called Patti to see if it had a dumbass warranty.  No luck.

Then, I called my code monkey.

She didn't make too much fun, (although I vaguely remember something about an etch-a-sketch) and then proceeded to help me do a post-mortem on the netbook. 

Once I'd excised the RAM, Battery, and other easy stuff, we extracted the hard drive.  I forgot to mention, I'd already taken my nighttime pain meds, and sleepy happy time pills.

Code Monkey searched far and wide across the internets, sending me links to pictures where I could see what type of HDD it was.This allowed her to find the contraption I would need to extract the data that was stored on the drive.

Today I got the thingamabob, and was able to successfully recover my data.

For that, Code Monkey gets my undying gratitude,

A bunch of Bananas,

and the internetwebs ONLY Awesomest Code Monkey in the Universe Award

(By the way, the new netbook I ordered set me back almost $400, so if any of you would like  to hit the tip jar, It's on the left side of my blog.)


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