Sunday, November 22, 2009

Fuel to the fire

Via Sarah:
One of Hasan's commanding officers at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, Lieutenant Colonel Melanie Guerrero, told investigators she had considered failing him as an intern but "decided to allow him to pass since he was going into psychiatry and would not be doing any real patient care."  (emphasis added)

Yet another reason I adamantly refuse to so much as speak to an Army mental health professional.  Either treatment does not qualify me as a RealPatient(TM) or the person I would be speaking to (and seeking help from) could be a bottom of the barrel near-failure who was passed along despite abysmal performance.

This is EXACTLY what happens when a string of leaders make the easy, wrong choice to keep someone in the Army who clearly does not belong.  I have been that decider myself, and it is not always an easy choice to make.  I usually weight it with "would I want to inflict this person on a Platoon" and "Do I think this person can positively contribute to the Army" and then, if I have any  doubts about my decision, I recommend in favor of letting them stay--with prejudice.  (i.e. probationary status, double secret probation, etc.)  The only time I have absolutely zero heartache with not allowing someone to serve or continue service is when they clearly and repeatedly fail to meet or achieve standards. 


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