Thursday, December 10, 2009

Not seeing the humor

This is off the usual blog topic but it's bugging me.

Why is it ok to laugh about a guy getting beat by his wife but the same people would get nuclear if the roles were reversed?

If a husband found out his wife was cheating and hit her, people would be rabid, but they laugh out loud at the Tiger Woods skits on SNL.

Why is it ok to say "He asked for it" but not "She asked for it."

Why do we expect men who are being assaulted by their wives to stand there and take it? Wouldn't there be outrage if they defended themselves?

So why is it funny if a woman beats her husband when we expect the husband to stand there like a defenseless victim and take it?

Isn't the defenseless victim concept the same reason we get mad when a man beats a woman?

~~Code Monkey

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