Friday, April 30, 2010

Boycott this!

This weekend I'm going to shop for furniture. I'm going to Pruitt's.  (Last weekend, after the "evil immigration bill" passed, I bought a new bed from Sleep America.)  I'll probably stop by Spencer's to check out TV's.  Then I'm going to Bashas' or Fry's to pick up some big thick steaks and some veggies for dinner.  I won't forget the Shamrock Foods sour cream to put on potatoes.  Maybe some Kiltlifter to wash it all down.  And then the crowning glory will be a little Cold Stone for dessert.  You know what they all have in common?

I was raised in a blue state.  I know all about the whole "shop local" thing.  I can play that game too.  It's time for the National Arizona BUYcott. (List of Arizona companies)  If my state is going to have the cohones to do the job the federal government won't do, what could I possibly do but support my fellow Arizonans.

I moved in a hurry not too long ago due to a flood.  I have next to nothing as far as furniture goes.  I've been meaning to do this shopping for a while now.  Suddenly, I'm motivated.  I've got money and I'm not afraid to use it.

BTW, Pruitt's has already been run through a similar political meat grinder when they wanted to keep day laborers out of their parking lot back in 2007.   I also know that my friends say they have quality stuff and good prices.  I'd be shopping there even if there wasn't a boycott.  Actually, I buy from all of the aforementioned companies except Cold Stone regularly.  I just don't eat a lot of ice cream.  But I will for a good cause.

And I might even pick up some Arizona Iced Tea because those poor schmucks in Queens got caught in the (ignorant) crossfire.

~~Code Monkey

PS I wonder if I need to re-register any domain names.  Yeah, I get those through GoDaddy.

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