Thursday, April 22, 2010

"The door is wide open because I'm an American citizen"

The reporter says, "Joining the military may seem like a drastic way to become a US citizen but not for these men..."

Personally, I might have not have used the word drastic.  To me, drastic is having to chop off your foot that's stuck under a boulder so you can get out of a ravine that's about to fill with water from a flood as vultures circle overhead.  It's got such negative connotations.

In a time when so many people want something for nothing, it warms my heart to hear of people who are willing to work hard and give of themselves for something they will value.  I think their military service is a measure of how much these men wanted to not only become US citizens but give back as well.  And I thank them for it.

~~Code Monkey

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