Thursday, April 29, 2010

Recognizing the Best Military Spouse

I realize I couldn't win a web popularity contest if it was between me and Perez Hilton. But I know do this: of all the people in this world I've ever known, My wife Carren is the strongest, smartest, and most beautiful. She has the tender caress of a concerned mother, and the steel in her spine to tell a wounded husband that his self-pity isn't going to cut it because he has a family to raise.

Carren does many of the same things many other spouses do--she's a wife and mother, whether I am home or not.

But she does even more... She gets involved in the community, volunteering at the local VA and with On-base organizations. She volunteers to teach classes to new spouses and helps them in any way she can.  She works with Girl and boy scouts to help teach a generation of kids about things that matter--leadership, integrity, and honor.

While I was deployed, and even while I was recovering from my wounds, Carren worked on, and finished her master's degree in clinical social work, graduating with a 4.0 from the University of Pittsburgh. She then began working as a counselor at the local community counseling center. She's reached out to the spouses of other wounded warriors, giving advice, mentoring, or just being a friend for so many. It's not the same thing telling your friend from High School what life is like when your husband is in a near coma with all sorts of tubes coming out of his body, but another person who has worn that t-shirt can certainly lend the emotional support and understanding that you are looking for.

For all of her efforts, Carren is seldom recognized. Of the two of us, she is the introvert--the quiet, thoughtful worrier who loses sleep because she's worried about someone besides me!

My wife is a treasure to me, she's so very smart and talented, but her true weakness is for a guy who can barely dress himself without help every morning, and that was before I lost fine motor function in my left hand.

So, if you agree that my Mrs. is a true gem who deserves to be really recognized for her efforts, go here and register, then vote for my Mrs. as the Spouse of the Year.
It's not a simple "click to vote."  She'll need you to provide a picture (I've included some in this post, or you can use your own.)  You also need to provide 500-800 words on why you think she's the best Military spouse in America.  I appreciate what she does every damn day.  Could ya'll help me show that appreciation at a little bit higher level?
If she wins, they'll give her $5,000 (Which she can use, ideally, to fly her and the kids home for Christmas when I am deployed).
The grand prize winner receives a $5,000 cash prize (Which she can use, ideally, to fly her and the kids home for Christmas when I am deployed).  And will be flown to Washington, DC, for an award ceremony on Capitol Hill on Thursday, September 30, 2010.
P.S.  She has no idea I'm doing this.

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