Saturday, April 10, 2010

There is a word

There is a... woman (definitely not a lady) here who is a member of IVAW.  If you're interested, that's Iraq Veterans against the war.  Naturally, she is attending the milblog conference to gain understanding of all the good things our service members are doing in theater.  If we're lucky, she'll even burn a flag or two while she's here.
There's a word, a word which has no other connotation in the English language, which can be used to describe a female and is universally offensive.  It is a word that is universally offensive to women, and to many men, and a word which, if used, has so deep an offensive meaning that using it, in and of itself, even while its use is an apt description of the person directed, it is too offensive to subject my readers to its reading.  Its use is contrary to my behavior as an officer and a gentleman.

This... woman... did not burn the flag, but she is a proud member of the organization that has done so.  She is a proud member of that organization which has such grand leaders as Chiroux, Elaine Brower, and MULTIPLE stolen valor criminals as spokespersons. 

This... woman... is proudly sporting her ACU backpack on top of her large and well-padded rear-end.  I hate the military, but love sporting their gear, so because it gives me street-cred to say how evil the Bushitler McCheney Hailibuton war for oil is. 

Lemme put it in historical perspective.  If This... woman were a member of the Nazi Party, it wouldn't matter if she never killed a Jew.  She is a member of the party responsible for killing 6 million Jews.  This... woman is a member of an orgainization that supports soldiers going AWOL, that protests by burning flags, that supports the idea of "PTSD by-proxy," where its members claim PTSD from hearing stories other people tell about war--by extension, I have PTSD from WWII because I watched the first 20 minutes of Saving Private Ryan.  This... woman's organization routinely sponsors people whose claims of valor and service end with a background check and federal charges under the stolen valor act.

There's a word which aptly describes this... woman.  But you won't read it here.


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