Tuesday, April 13, 2010

This is way cool.

The Battle of Britain is to be Tweeted, in real time, by using the diaries of those daring young men in their flying machines of the RAF.  Excerpts from the diaries will begin mid-day Friday, to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the Battle of Britain.
You can follow the tweets here.
From the UK Times:
The first tweet will be transmitted at midday on Friday, 70 years after Group Captain Bader was deployed to 222 Squadron, and continue until October when the summer bombardment came to an end.

In total the details of 605 diary entries, all taken from the Operational Record Books in the National Archives at Duxford, will be tweeted.

Examples include a tweet on June 1 at 4.20am, which will read: "Red 5 (Flight Sergeant UNWIN) climbed underneath one of the enemy aircraft and gave a burst of five secs at an opening range of 150 yards. It blew up over his head."

On June 19 at 2.25am, that will be followed by: "Flight Officer PETRE saw his tracer hit one engine which poured out volumes of black smoke.

"At this moment he himself was caught in the searchlights and an explosive bullet from the enemy rear gunner hit his petrol tank and he was forced to jump from the blazing spitfire.

"He landed safely but was badly burnt about the face and hands."
 How cool is that?


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