Wednesday, April 07, 2010

What do we do now?

Seems another middle easten male islamist is up to hijinks.
Over @ ace of spades and
A man tries to smoke in john, when air marshal confronts him through door, says "I'm trying to light my shoes on fire."

Man is now claiming diplomatic immunity, has passport from Qatar.

If he does have immunity, we should extradite him.  However, we should ask if Qatar will allow us to try him here first.  If they say no, fine.  If they say yes, then we
1.  Pull all of our forces out of Qatar (and there are lots of command and control guys there.)
2.  Tell the Government of Qatar that they may now enter the US only through Bangor, Maine, on official Qatar Gummint Aircraft, and are prohibited from flying elsewhere in the US.
3.  No Qatar citizens may fly in or into the US, either.

Totally respect immunity.  But it isn't a suicide pact, and if he was just joking, we don't need to deal with foreign government officials who aren't mature enough to not make jokes like that, on a US Aircraft, after already breaking our laws by smoking on the aircraft. 

Marshall should have shot him through the door.


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