Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Youserved Auctions

We at YouServed try our damndest to raise money for SA. I know you guys all know this, and that was evident by the over $600 we raised in less than an hour the night of the dinner at the milblog conf.

Every week we auction off great things on the ebay auction site. This week we have Eric Blehm's awesome book, The Only Thing Worth Dying For and a signed copy of Angry Clouds by the band Bridge of Sighs. I don't understand if so many people were willing to drop $5, $10, $20 on raffle tickets for a chance to win some prizes, why are they now motivated to make a bid (even a ridiculously small one) on some great items where all the proceeds go to SA? I mean, even if you get outbid as least your bids help drive up the price and get more for SA. What is the worst that could happen, you spend a few bucks on a book, t-shirt, CD, etc. that you may find you like. And if you don't then you can give it as a gift to someone or better yet, put it in a box to a trooper overseas who would probably really appreciate it.

Yes an iPad is awesome, but that is a rarity and we have auctioned off so many other things for next to nothing. That is great for the winner,,,,but not great for SA.

Do Marcus and I need to come around to each of your houses every week and harrass you to bid like we harrassed you the night of the dinner?

Like I said that night "If you don't love SA, then you don't love America" or my other good one "Even the chick from IVAW bought tickets, why aren't you?"


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