Monday, June 28, 2010

Bring on the vuvuzelas

Via Instapundit at HotAir's Headlines:
Apocalypse now: Vuvuzelas coming to America?

One answer is that they’re already here. Fifteen thousand vuvuzela-style horns were handed out at a Florida Marlins home game on June 19, and despite the players’ frustration — “I can’t tell you how awful it was,” said center fielder Cody Ross — the fans happily blew the house down. “[They] loved them,” says Sean Flynn, the Marlins’ vice president of marketing. “There was an unbelievable atmosphere.”
I've already recommended to a friend that he and the other concerned parents buy them for their kids' soccer games since the coach went from "Everyone gets a trophy" to "Everyone's trying out for the next World Cup team."

I've also loaded a vuvuzela app on my Droid for the next staff meeting at work.  Sad thing is, they'll all just be looking around for the bees.

And watching Uncle Jimbo's yellow pants rant with vuvuzelas added in just makes me giggle like an idiot...  for about ten seconds and then I shut the vuvuzelas off.  (If you see a little soccer ball towards the lower right corner of the YouTube video, click it.  I dare ya.)

Personally, I think there are times and places where the vuvuzela could be a welcome addition to American society:

  • Code Pink & ANSWER protests
  • When someone gets into the "ten items or less" lane in the grocery store with 16 items
  • When you realize the drive-through screwed up your order (may require a return visit)
  • Outside my stupid ex-neighbor's apartment, any time, any day, and frequently please
Feel free to add your own vuvuzela-appropriate events in the comments...

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