Saturday, June 12, 2010

Chuck's final solution to the Israel question

I read an article at the American Thinker that clearly illustrates how anyone supporting Palestine is clearly incapable of reason. The Palestinians do not want peace. Period. F*ing dot. Full stop.

The Palesinians want the total destruction of all Jews.
The rest of the Arab world has no desire to absorb their Palestinian brothers. They are the ones who maintain Apartheid-like states with Palestinians. They are the ones who keep them in camps, deny them citizenship, deny them basic human rights. The Arab world does this to keep them in a victim status, to keep them angry and full of hate, and then directs their angst at the evil Joooos.

Unlike many, I do have a solution to the question of a Jewish state.
In 1947, The State of Israel was established by the UN.  Since then, they've built on of the world's best armed forces, governments and economies, and gone so far as to make the desert bloom and bear fruit.  If not for money coming out of the ground, their Arab neighbors would still subsist mainly by wandering the desert behind their camels and goats.

We have, in our own union, a very large and well-established society of Jews.  Many U.S. Jews live in southern California.   We could easily incorporate them into our society, creating a new Jewish state, dividing California in half, with the Democratic People's Republic of Northern California occupying the land north of the Santa Cruz--Fresno--Independence line, and Israel being absorbed into southern California, which we could call New Jerusalem.  Part and parcel of this agreement is that The Israeli military is absorbed into the US Armed forces, with the preponderance of forces permanently assigned to border duty along the US-Mexican border.   (They are, I understand, pretty good at stopping incursions along their borders.  NO Palestinians will be allowed to emigrate to New Jerusalem, for fifty years.  Any currently living there may stay, but any crimes against the new inhabitants would be considered hate crimes.  The currently in-place Israeli government would become the interim government of New Jerusalem, and would hold elections to establish their federal representatives.

Ideally, the new influx of skilled citizens into a society not burdened by ongoing terror attacks should thrive.  They would bring about a new perspective to Hollywood, one where they are not seen as evil, and terrorists are, regardless of their motivations.  the new PRNC could keep the Feinsteins, the Boxers, the Pelosis, and the Scwharzenneggers.  There are details to sort out, of course, and I would gladly have the government use my tax dollars to subsidize the move of their nation to ours, and subsidize anyone who wants to move to the PRNC rather than stay in New Jerusalem, instead of spending any more money trying to "fix" the Middle East.

This doesn't mean that Palestinians would get their own state, mind you. I think the land would quickly be snapped up by Syria, Jordan, and Egypt, who would likely bicker and fight over it for decades to come.  I would also support the scorching of the earth by the departing Israelis, destroying every building, bridge, crop, arable land, etc., returning it EXACTLY to the condition they found the land in 1947.  The hardest thing for the Israelis would be for them to leave their promised land, their ancestral lands for the last 5000 years.  We could ameliorate that by giving them a land of new promise--the same reason we came here as pilgrims.  A land where they could live free from attacks by terrorists.  A land where they could truly thrive as a people.

In the end, we would be a better, stronger, more prosperous nation, and the Arab would would lose 99% of its reason to bitch.  Can anyone see a downside to this?


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