Thursday, June 17, 2010

PCS Follies

Today is day one of the PCS.  PCS is the Army term for Permanent Change of Station, meaning we are moving (again.)  This time, it's off to one of the most horrible places I can think of:  Schofield Barracks, Hawaii.  I know how the weather is a constant 70-85 degrees year round, the water at the beach is clear, warm, and full of life, the sunrises are only matched in beauty by the sunsets, but this is my cross to bear.  :)

Anyway, today is day one because the movers show up today to begin boxing up the baubles that consume the house. 
We start with the things least used:  The china, the storage closet, the garage tools, etc.  Tomorrow will be the bulk of our clothes, other household items, etc.--Only stuff we won't need over the weekend will be reserved.  For the weekend, we'll still have our beds and furniture.

Come Monday, it all gets put on the truck, then goes on a SLOW boat to Hawaii.  It may take up to two months to arrive.

Monday afternoon/evening then begins the cleaning of the house to Army standards, making sure it's as clean as any house we would want to move into.  We stay in a hotel Monday night.  Tuesday, the inspector comes (early), I sign out on leave (early), and then we start the long trek to Hawaii, by way of Dallas (to turn over the truck for shipment to Hawaii).  We'll overnight in Dallas at my the Mrs.' Aunt's house and then rent a van on Wednesday, repack it with all the stuff we're taking with us,
and drive to the Vehicle Processing Center and turn in the truck.  Then we drive to San Antonio, to spend a few brief days with My Family, transfer the World's dumbest Cats and World's Best Dog to them (just till... September!) and  then on the following Monday, we become the Jet-set.  Two adults, two rugrats, and probably 8 suitcases.  By sunset in aloha land, we should be getting lei'd by homefrontsix.

Get the kids a bite to eat, take a moonlight walk along the beach to stretch out, then pass out.

At least, that's the plan.  I'll let you know how it actually works out.


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