Saturday, July 10, 2010


If I made decisions about what to have for dinner like the federal government decides how to deal with America's bigger issues, it might go something like this:
Hmm. Chinese food sounds good. What's that one dish I like at that place I go for lunch?

(Spend a whole ton of money to get someone to look the restaurant up on the 'net and show me the menu.)

Oh, moo goo gai pan. Yum. I'll bet I could make that myself.

(Spend another whole ton of moneyto get someone else to look the recipe up on the 'net.)

I wonder if anyone has chicken on sale.

(Put out a Request for Proposals so local stores can tell me why I should buy chicken from them.Decide to buy chicken from the local farm [BUY LOCAL!] that is run by union employees where the chickens are imported from China because they can't afford chicken feed after paying all the union employee salaries.)

Discover PETA protesting outside my front door because I'm buying animal meat for dinner.

(Seriously? Put some clothes on. The HOA is going to fine me for your lettuce bikini!)

Consider stir fry tofu.

Realize that stir fry tofu is not going to make my moo goo gai pan craving go away, and declare the problem can't be solved (without angering the chicken "raising" labor unions, Chinese chicken importers, and PETA.)

Spend a whole truckload of money on a 50 cent pack of chicken flavored ramen noodles and say, "Well, it was better than doing nothing."
~~Code Monkey

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