Friday, July 16, 2010

Stolen Valor Act Overturned

I'm just going to link to other peoples' posts about the Stolen Valor act being overturned today because they're all a lot smarter than me when it comes to this and apparently my computer really, really wants to reboot (or be taken out to the desert to be a skeet shooting target) as nothing I'm doing is working out all that well:

Stolen Valor Act facing legal challenges and Jonathon Turley is a jackass - EagleSpeak


Stolen Valor act ruled unconstitutional - CRD Salamander

Stolen Valor Act suffers in Strandlof case - Jonn Lilyea @ This Ain't Hell...

Court Overturns "Stolen Valor Act", Lets Lying Bastard Off The Hook DrewM @ Ace

Stolen Valor Act Held Unconstitutional - The Volokh Conspiracy

Federal court says Stolen Valor Act violates First Amendment - Allahpundit @ Hotair

Feel free to add other relevant links in the comments.  Except if they're from Code Pink.  Then I'll just ban you.

Or feed you to the javalinas.

~~Code Monkey

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