Saturday, July 03, 2010

Swan Song

Okay, since Swan songs are the last sng of the silent swans before they die, the title is way off.  No one is silent, and Lindy Kyzercertainly has not been silent--indeed, shes been the lead in dragging the five-sided puzzle palace, and other Army Commands, kicking and screaming into the new world of social media.  Lindy is one of the good guys (gals) who truly gets it.  She is departing the Pentagon, for reasons that are her own, and the Pentagon's social media efforts are  going to take a big hit.  Personally, I'd take all the money being thrown at programs that nobody wants (JSF alternate engine ferinstance) and offer her a bonus to stay on.

Anyway, below is  her final message on Army Live, the Official Army Blog that she started.

Well, folks, this is it – my last day as the Army’s social media manager. Boy, has it been a fun ride, and I’m proud to say that for a long time I had the best job in the Army.
My Army career has been pretty short. But I feel as though in the relatively brief amount of time I’ve been here I’ve packed in a lot of experiences, and made a number of great friendships and connections. It’s true of most people who leave the service, whether civilian or military – when you reflect on your time it will be the people who have made a difference.
My travels have given me the unique opportunity of meeting hundreds of amazing Soldiers stationed at military installations from coast to coast. I’ve met even more senior leaders who have a hand in forming policy decisions for our military. And many of those people have touched my life and helped to shape my professional vision, and my understanding of both social media and defense issues.
I’ve always said that milblogs were my first loves in the social media world. And that’s why starting this blog was a key goal when I first got the job of helping to steer the Army on course when it comes to social media. When I think of some of the greatest relationships I’ve formed and some of the most amazing people I’ve encountered in my time, many of them will be milbloggers.
That’s why as I write my final blog post for Army Live, I wanted to take a few minutes to tell you five things I learned from milbloggers – that I think would be good advice for just about anyone.  Read the rest here.

I'll miss you, Lindy.


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