Sunday, July 11, 2010

Troubles in Paradise

If you've noticed, I have not posted much (other than pictures) for a couple weeks.  Here's an update:

We arrived in Hawaii on the 29th, and spend two days relaxing at the Hale Koa in Waikiki.  Times were good.
Then I had to sign in to Schofield Barracks, officially ending my leave, and begin staying in the Schofield Inn (think Motel 6, without the amenities.)   The four of us are sharing a room roughly the same size as my bedroom in my house at Fort Leavenworth.  Two double beds, a TV, a shower, a microwave and fridge, and two kids who go from bouncing off the walls to bickering.  
On the 6th, the housing office dropped a BIG bomb on us:  although there are units available, the interiors are being renovated, and we can expect to not have anything ready for move in for at least 60 days.  The Inn is unable to even provide us with a connecting room so me and the Mrs. can get a nights' rest, and not have to wake up to iCarly or whatever Nickelodeon happens to be showing at 6 A.M.
So we are house hunting, while I am in-processing.  Unfortunately, we need the following:  1750+ square feet, 2 bathrooms, 3 (or more) bedrooms, must allow pets, and not be on the other side of the island.  (Gas is currently $3.44 a gallon.)  Finally, it needs to be less than $3200/month, near good schools (Hawaii public schools generally SUCK--see domestic and foreign policy of current occupant, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, alumnus of Hawaii education system; best schools in the state are still in the worst state system) and not a shanty.
To recap, a two month wait for on-post housing, a dearth of suitable, available, and financially feasible off-post housing, school starts first week of August, and I deploy in November to Iraq for 13 months (it's the "turn out the lights and lock up when you leave" tour.)
We (me and the Mrs.) are stressed, the kids have cabin fever and are unsettled, we have no "home."
Anyone got a house they aren't using on Oahu that they would like to lend to a cripple, his nice family, their pets?


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