Friday, September 17, 2010


For those keeping score, surgery #38 was Wednesday. 

I had the 1st (trial implant) installed.  I now have a wire running up my spine, it goes in between my shoulder blades, and goes up into my neck.  The other end is connected to a battery pack, (external) and there is a remote which controls the whole thing.  It's like having a TENS unit, but without the muscle contractions, and it works on both arms, and if I dial it up high enough, the whole body.

The effect is positional, so if I turn my head or shoulders too far, the sensation becomes stronger/weaker, and if I really stretch, I can force the lead out of place, making this all a wash.

The good news it, it completely blocks the pain in my hands and back while it is on.

#39 is next Tuesday, where they install the battery pack, run a new lead from the internal battery up into my neck, and the whole system is internal.

#40 is forthcoming (sometime in October, I think) when they cut out my gall bladder.  Should end the bouts of chest-pain.


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