Saturday, September 04, 2010

Hey People Peeps!

If you're visiting here from People Magazine, Welcome, or, as the local lingo goes, Aloha! (Which incidentally means Hello, Goodbye, I love you, and "42."  Not sure about the last part, but given that the Hawaiian alphabet only had 13 letters (AEIUOHWLKPM) you have to make the most of the words you do have, I suppose.)

If you stay a while, you'll be sure to get insulted, I try to get around to insulting everyone at some point, If I don't include you in the insults, consider that to be insulting in and of itself.

Me and The Code Monkey post here as it suits us, more when I have the time, less when I don't.  Code Monkey posts based on how much caffeine I put in her Vodka.  (I've tried to get her to switch to drinking gin, but alas, she likes the liquor of the great unwashed.)

The archives are linked on the left, if you get pissed, read "Before you get pissed" at the top.  Click on the complaints link @ the top to send me hate mail, the ads to the top left are people who rent real estate here, the links beneath them are people I give money to.

And that should take ya'll around the blog awhile.  Have fun, check back often, and be sure to comment.  We're a fun bunch of curmudgeons here.


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