Sunday, September 05, 2010

Imagine what you'd do

Imagine you come home from work one day to a notice on your front door that you have 45 days to demolish your house, or the city will do it for you.  Oh, and you’re paying for it.
This is happening right now in Montgomery, Ala., and here is how it works: The city decides it doesn’t like your property for one reason or another, so it declares it a “public nuisance.”  It mails you a notice that you have 45 days to demolish your property, at your expense, or the city will do it for you (and, of course, bill you).
Your tab with the city will constitute a lien on your property, and if you don’t pay it within 30 days (or pay your installments on time; if you owe over $10,000, you can work out a deal to pay back the city for destroying your home over a period of time, with interest), the city can sell your now-vacant land to the highest bidder.
Alabama law empowers municipalities to do just this.  Officials can demolish structures that they determine, “due to poor design, obsolescence, or neglect, have become unsafe to the extent of becoming public nuisances…and [are] causing or may cause a blight or blighting influence on the city and the neighborhoods in which [they are] located.”  Keep in mind, so-called standards like “obsolescence” are so vague they can mean anything, so even a well-maintained home that government officials don’t like the look of can be fed to the bulldozers.

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45 days?  Too Easy.

1.  reinforce all doors and door frames with steel, rebar, and concrete.
2.  Tear out all drywall.  Purchase plywood.  Replace drywall with plywood, fill space between joists with reinforced concrete.

3.  Have a sh*t ton of used tires delivered.  Stack along outside walls, offsetting like with bricks.  Reinforce with vertical rebar,  Have tires filled with soil, or concrete on lower 1/3, soil on top 2/3.
4.  Install perimeter cameras.
5.  Install solar panels on roof, battery rack in basement.
6.  fill ceiling with hardening foam
7.  Cover windows with smash-proof security film.
8.  Spread caltrops throughout yard.
9.  Stockpile water, food, medical supplies, portable generator, fuel, in garage.
10.  Install Wifi-repeater off property, ensure redundant internet access (to maintain situational awareness)
11.  Install motion sensitive lighting/alarms.
12.  Stock up on guns, body armor, gas mask, and ammo.
13.  Turn windows and doors into firing ports.  Ensure all sectors of property can be covered by at least two.
14.  Have interior "siege room" soundproofed/fireproofed.
15.  Cut access paths from room to room--avoid doorways/halls.
16.  Ensure multiple "burner" phones are on hand and charged.
17.  Final Option plan:  Keep 100# of propane on hand to flood the house before ignition.  You should be aiming for launching the (now solid) roof at least 500' into the air.

The idea is to make the house a fortress.  Ensure that even the casual observer would realize that it would be impossible to assault without losing many lives.  IF you are choosing to fight for liberty.   They may relent, but odds are, unless the same bureaucrats who are aiming to steal your house are the ones doing the raiding, you are gonna have a showdown.  If you decide that you would rather not die for your principles, then proceed with steps 1-4.  Then seal all entrances with concrete, and fill house to roof level with raw sewage.  Leave cameras on and pay for hosting to let them stay on while the cops raid the house of poo.

Disappear.  Leave the state.  Live elsewhere.  Refuse to EVER set foot in the state you left.  Refuse to EVER pay them a dime.  If they contact you, reply by using their correspondence for T.P. and return it to them (they'll remember you.)

Sure, you'll have lost your home either way, but it's a foregone conclusion at that point.  At least this way, they will never use the house for their own designs, and have a VERY costly clean up to boot.


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