Sunday, September 05, 2010

State Department Squirms
On Garand And Carbine Imports

A lot of things have changed in the federal government since President Harry S. Truman put his famous "the buck stops here" sign on his desk. This week, Fox News reported that it couldn't get a straight answer from the State Department about its decision in March to disapprove the importation of more than 800,000 M1 Garand rifles and M1 carbines from South Korea.

According to Fox, the State Department claimed that the rifles might be used "for illicit purposes." But when asked to explain, State passed the buck to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, which passed it to the Department of Justice, which passed it back to State.
The anti-gun Brady Campaign didn't hesitate to give Fox an answer, however. "Guns that can take high-capacity magazines are a threat to public safety," the group's Dennis Henigan told reporter Maxim Lott. 

M1 Garands don't have magazines, they use en-bloc clips.  They are one of the few guns which actually use clips.   So the brady bunch, who purports to knw all about guns, should have no problem with this.  As for high-capacity, the Garand only holds 8 rounds in its clip.  Is eight now high-capacity? 

Neither gun was ever limited by Clinton's poxy Assault weapons ban, either.

So, by the Brady Campaign's logic, Cars which hold more passengers cause more accidents (meaning, by default, motorcycles are the safest vehicles on the road) I I assume they believe Hang-gliders are more safe than Boeing 777s.  Come to think of it, Hinkley used a .22 caliber revolver to change James Brady's mind. That's only a six-gun, so is six the definition of "high capacity?"  The point of the matter here isn't that it's the number of bullets in a gun, nor the number of bullets a gun can fire (most are limited to one at a time) or how fast the gun can fire those bullets.  What is most important is the will of the person behind the trigger. Just like the most dangerous piece of a car is the nut behind the wheel, the most dangerous part of a gun is the person who wields it.

And when the person who wields a gun is dangerous, the best defense--often the only defense--is another person with a gun.  Mr. Colt's equalizer.

The Brady kids are idiots, and notorious for lying, when not merely stretching the truth to fit their agenda.  For more, pay Joe a visit.


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