Monday, September 27, 2010

Stilton's other comic...

You may have read some of Stilton Jarlsberg's comics over at hopenchange.  There, he excoriates the stupidity of the evil party, and its acolytes.

Like this:

But I just saw that he's been running another comic for a while called Johnny Optimism.  From the author:  Johnny Optimism is a darkly comic look at a boy who tries to look on the bright side because "things could always get worse." And they do get worse, time after time.

Johnny interacts with a highly unusual collection of medical professionals, bureaucrats, mean kids, fellow sufferers, a manic helper monkey and more - getting real comfort only from his faithful dog, Lance.

Together they're trying to cope with Life...just like the rest of us.

I secretly think he's been following me.... (click to enlargify)


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