Thursday, October 07, 2010

#39 - Keep them in your thoughts - Updated

Update:  The surgery was a success.  They're home now and Chuck's already telling bad jokes again.  I'll leave the telling of the story for him when he's back at the computer.  But it went well and the post op meds are working.

And I'm really starting to wonder if anything will ever slow him down, and that's pretty damn cool.

Here at FMPOTW, we don't have a written policy about calling out for thoughts and prayers.  Hell, we don't have a written policy about much of anything.  Chuck and I could probably drive a typical HR person to twitching and drooling with some of the conversations we have...  but I digress.

Chuck's not the kind to ask for stuff unless it's for Soldiers' Angels.  The last time he went to the ER, he didn't post about it to the blog until the next day.  

I've decided it's time to be proactive about this.  Tomorrow, phase two of the iChuck is being implanted.  I think it has something to do with solar panels on his cranium to power the thing.  Oh wait, no, it's the battery pack.  They may or may not be taking this opportunity for a lube and filter while he's in for the iChuck upgrade.  Or is it a fluff and fold?  I don't know if I'm at liberty to say. 

I do know this:  if you could spare a moment to send thoughts, prayers and other types of warm fuzzies towards Chuck, the Mrs. and the mini-Zigs, it would be much appreciated.  Any foray into a hospital has to bring back more not-so-fun memories than good for them.  I just hope tomorrow goes so well that there's no reason to write a blog post about it more than, "So, that went well.  And I heard this really great joke..."

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