Friday, October 15, 2010


I'm late to the party on this one. I saw the clip over at This ain't Hell, but wanted to add my own opinion here. First, watch the video:

Apparently, DeMint started the recession.

Perhaps Mr. Greene is just not well prepped for these events. Perhaps he doesn't want to dwell on things like high school nicknames or witchcraft. Perhaps he's a brain cell away from managed care.

Bit here's the thing... He's the democratic candidate for United States Senate from South Carolina. Did you ever wonder why, when it comes time for the election, we are forced to choose between the idiot, and the other idiot? Different versions of Beige? McCain and Obama? Candidates that no one seems to really want?

It's because although Millions vote in national elections, only a fraction vote in the primaries. Of the multiple people to choose from in your party, if you wait until the general election, odds are, the person you wanted won't be on the ballot. (Yes, you can write in a candidate--it's how I got five votes in the last Presidential election, from me and four folks at the local mortuary--but you're competing against everyone from Mickey Mouse to Zsa Zsa Gabor if you go that route.) You have to be involved in the pre-primary, and then vote, and get others to vote, in the primary. Go pound some pavement for your candidate. Just go talk to your neighbors, ask them if they believe in what you believe... and if they agree with you, ask them if they are registered to vote in the primary. If not, give them the registration forms. Ask if they need help filling it out. Offer them a ride to the polls. Get a list of "possible" (i.e. registered) voters from the campaign headquarters. Go talk to those people--call first, be polite, and ask if you can meet them for a few minutes at their leisure. Soon, if you are diligent, you could have as many as fifty people who are willing to go to the polls, and vote for your candidate. In a local election, which are often close, fifty can be a BIG deal... now you are the one who got them together, and YOU are a big deal to the campaign. Maybe you can affect some things, like making sure your candidate doesn't do stupid things like vote for a healthcare bill no one wanted, and that he hasn't even read. The campaigns know that someone who can get 50 votes in a few weeks can easily get 500 votes (or more!) in a few months, and that can REALLY swing the general election. It takes more work than bitching about politics at the water cooler.
If you are more the type who likes insurgent politics (and have a strong stomach)get your voting bloc together and register, then vote, in the other party's primary. Choose the least qualified candidate, the guy who needs someone to tie his shoes, put corks on his forks, and add straws to his applesauce. A person who'll take their bribes in creamsicles. Put that candidate up against the person you want elected, and it'll be an easy win...

Unless the other side does it to you too... and you have a repeat of '08


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