Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Send chocolate to the troops!

From CJ over at A Soldiers Perspective:
Okay, so a local school just ended one of those fundraisers where they sell those delicious "World's Finest Chocolate" bars for a buck. They have the $3 off coupon to Pizza Hut on the wrapper and the money helps the school system.

Well, the fundraising coordinator contacted me saying they have a few hundred bars left over and the drive has ended. I asked him if I could try and sell them through this site and then send them all to the troops. So, that's what we're gonna do. My daughter is no longer in Girl Scouts, so my Girl Scouts to Cav Scouts needs a revamping. With the cooler weather coming up, now is the perfect time to send chocolate and not worry about it melting on the way there.
Go see how you can help out here.

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