Thursday, October 07, 2010

Suck it, VFW

As a life member of VFW I am highly offended that the VFW PAC has apparently 'sold its soul' to far left, anti-military politicians.

VFW support for Barbara BoxerAlcee HastingsBarbara LeeSteny Hoyer, Barbara Mikulsky, Chris VanHollen, John Dingell, Chuck Schumer, Pat Leahy and Patty Murray - WTF?  These politicians not only don't agree with the core values of veterans, these politicians loathe and fear veterans.

No support for highly qualified veterans such as LTC(r) Allan West? But active support for his opponent - who never served a day in uniform! This list (link below) of contains numerous vocally anti-military / anti-veteran politicians supported by the VFW.

The VFW leadership must cease such lunacy or the VFW organization will collapse as existing members resign and younger veterans refuse to join.
Unless there is a change in VFW policy I WILL cease to support the VFW.

A copy of this email has been sent to every veteran, VFW member or not, I know. I have encouraged them to forward a copy, and note of support, to their contacts.

It is time for VFW leadership and VFW PAC to return to the VFW founding values.

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