Monday, January 17, 2011

#1 reason to give blood:

There is a really great reason to give blood:  I can't.  I would do anything to help our wounded troops, or hell, anyone who needed blood.  I would eagerly roll up my sleeves and give... if I could.  However, one of the many pieces of Iraq I brought home with me was a itty bitty bug called a "MDRO" or Multi Drug Resisatant Organism.  At the time, it gave me wild fevers, chills, and other assorted nastiness, and even caused the nurses to call the Mrs., shortly after she'd left my room, to tell her to return--and say goodbye.  It was that bad, for a while.

Anyway, the long term affect of this is, although I have no lingering ill effects from this infection, that I can't give blood.  To be more precise, I can't get the red cross to take my blood.  There is a small risk that my blood could pass the MDRO on to a recipient.  (Maybe I could not mention it, and donate to the Red Crescent...)  So I can't give my pint every eight weeks, or platelets weekly.

As someone who has always given blood in the past, and as someone who was given blood--a full oil change, as it were, of blood donated by US citizens (the only blood the military blood bank will use, BTW) I can tell you this:  giving hurts far less than being the one who needs to receive it.  Like mos things, it's a little time, a little discomfort, and then you are on with your day.  Have fun with it--if nothing else, it's a cheap drunk and off to bed!

But please, give someone (like me) the gift of life.

During the week surrounding February 11th, 2011 Soldiers' Angels encourages Angels and friends across the entire country to honor those that have shed their BLOOD for us by heading to your local blood bank and donating a pint. You can check the eligibility requirements for donating here.

In coordination with WEAR RED Friday and Valentines' Day weekend, please take time out of your busy schedule to give a pint. If you can't give RED you can always give GREEN and donate $$ online

Send your photos of your giving experience to or pixt them to 218-779-7271 for automatic posting to our Facebook fan page.

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