Sunday, January 09, 2011

Arizona Asshats

Today an asshat (he who shall not be named, lest he get off on seeing his name in print here, as this is THE place to be mentioned on the intertubes) with a gun killed a 9 year old girl.  Apparently a congresswoman was injured in the shooting. 

Almost immediately, Linda Lopez (D) Arizona State Senator District 29, issued a statement claiming that the shooter was an Afghanistan vet and a Tea Party member.  Wrong on both counts, he was turned away from MEPS (Military Entry Processing Station) for being a nutjob, and therefore never served a single day as a soldier, and was also a very far left leaning asshat.  Of course, Ms. Lopez also blamed a mailer from Sarah Palin, which had her district in a crosshair, as also "having consequences."  Ms. Lopez, everything has consequences.  If you were SO concerned about the possible consequences of the mailer, why didn't anyone hear a peep out of you before this?  Why only come forward now to discuss how this mailer was the likely cause of this shooting?  Can the Girl Scouts no longer have a target number of cookies to sell without being labeled violent?

My .02 on the whole "looking into a military connection" meme:

1.  When we go nuts, we go big.  The last three mass-murder/assasinations by military were Puss Nuts at Fort Hood, Puss Nuts in Oklahoma City, and Puss Nuts in Dallas, 1963

2.  By that standard alone, no one should have thought a grocery store parking lot would be the place where a servicemember--even a nutjob--would strike.  We are much better at picking our battlefields.

On the Immediate smear to the Tea Party:

Clearly a great causal factor, since so many other Tea Party events have resulted in violence, most notably the Tea Party National Convention in Chicago in 1968.  Really?  This is a tragedy. The asshat doing the shooting is clearly a nutjob/liberal studies major.  His political leanings were actually far-left moonbat.  The Tea Party had as much to do with this as Jimmy Carter had to do with strong economic, foreign, or energy policy.  To Linda Lopez (Derp): What does the actions of one man say about an entire organization?  Did Puss Nuts Fort Hood represent all Muslims, Army Pshrinks, OIF/OEF Vets, or Bald men?  Does Puss Nuts Oklahoma City Represent all people who rent from Ryder? 

So we have a new nutjob in a state apparently filled with nutjobs, who elect nutjobs to office, and who continue, beyond all reason, to allow political assemblage.  I seem to recall a shooter in an Arizona Mall a few days ago, was this also because of Sarah Palin?  Or was this person immediately suspected of being a combat veteran?

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