Friday, January 28, 2011

Hike for our Heroes

Mission Complete!
UPDATE 1/28/2011 -- It is with sincere concern for the health and continued well being of Troy Yokum, that Soldiers’ Angels must withdraw its current sponsorship and support of Hike for our Heroes.

While on his journey Troy has suffered from kidney stones as well as injuries to his feet which have demonstrated potential medical danger and that without a full medical clearance from a Medical Professional its in his best interests to not continue his mission at this time.

Soldiers’ Angels will continue the previous and ongoing mission of supporting our nation's returning heroes and veterans that Troy Yokum’s efforts contributed to in support of veterans and their families.

We at Soldiers’ Angels applaud his efforts to date, as it is truly a remarkable feat, and pledge that we will assist him as he transitions into the next phase or chapter of his life with his wife.

Any donations received by SA in support of this project will be applied directly to veterans support activities.

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