Thursday, January 13, 2011

Linda Lopez (D)erp is a mass-murderer

A very special reader in the greater Tuscon metro area wrote a letter to State Senator Linda Lopez (D)erp, AZ, wanting to know why she so readily made accusations without any facts that the shooter was an Afghanistan Veteran.

So, when taken to task for her bigotry re: claiming that the Tuscon Murderer was an Afghanistan Vet with no evidence, and then blathering about that all over the news, State Senator Linda Lopez (D)erp, AZ, responds:

Sen. Linda Lopez Statement on Tucson Events

“Shortly after the shooting of my closest friend I gave an interview with Fox News. As part of that interview, I wrongly reiterated some information told to me immediately prior to the interview that the suspect shooter in the Tucson attack was possibly a veteran of the war in Afghanistan. As we know now, there was a great deal of misinformation about not only the shooter, but also the status of the victims.  (She admits she was wrong, but there's no apology, no contrition there.)

I am a staunch supporter of our brave men and women who serve in the military. I understand and greatly appreciate the sacrifices they make for our country each and every day they serve. My husband is himself a veteran of the Vietnam War. I also understand that many people were upset about the description of the shooter that I passed on. My statement in no way was a reflection of my feelings about our veterans or the people currently serving our country.  (Dummies, I support the Troops!  I married one, which makes me a de-facto supporter, just like Tipper Gore and Theresa Kerry!  You idiots misunderstood me.  I was passing on bad information that I believed instantly without fact checking.  The fact that I so readily did so doesn't prove I think vets are the most likely candidates for mass murderers, just that I know how dangerous they are and that they are the members  of society most likely to do this.  it was occham's razor that caused this.)

With that, I would ask that we continue to keep Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and all of the other victims of this horrific attack in our thoughts and prayers.” 

I must have missed it.  Was there, in those brief paragraphs, any semblance of an apology for her readiness to blame veterans for this?  Did I miss the words "apologize" "sorry" or even "My Bad"?  I  saw where she said "I understand how some people were upset by [her bad information]" but never does she say I am orry I passed on bad information, only that she understands some people were upset.

In effect, an apology letter that apologized for nothing.  Not very different from the standard politician's "I'm sorry you misunderstood/were offended/didn't understand me" but never "I am sorry I am a ritard."

Oh, and about the title, Ms. Lopez is a mass-marketer, not murderer.  I heard some bad information, and passed it along immediately as fact.  I have nothing but the utmost respect for members of state legislatures, and understand if she was upset by this mis-characterization.   The title of this post in no way is a reflection of my feelings or respect for the members of all state legislatures.

Just bad info.  Not facts at all.  Ya'll understand.


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