Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The difference between industry and the public sector

I'll admit, I haven't even clicked on the link:

If you click on the image of the tweet, you'll get to the story. I'm just so sick of hearing this same old song and dance I don't care to click through.

I've worked in both industry and the public sector and there's such a huge difference when times aren't going so well.

In industry (the Intel's, Motorola's, etc. of America) if you're going to lay off 5,000 of your employees you play it as close to the vest as possible. I went through a few layoffs in industry and I've said that the "best" one was when we walked into a conference room and were all stunned. The worst was when the rumors started two months earlier and we all waited to know if we were the one...

In the public sector, it's the exact opposite. It seems it's 100x worse if there are union employees involved. It gets leaked to the employees. It gets leaked to the press. Suddenly, there are people marching in the streets because they think that their child will be dropped off in a school with no teachers next month if the cuts are not stopped.

Once you've seen both sides of it, you don't wonder why there's such bloat in the public sector anymore.

~~Code Monkey

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