Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Father's Love

Someone has reached out to friends and made a request that can be hard for some to understand.  It might seem too dangerous, but then you realize it might only seem that way because you're not in his shoes.  If you were a Gold Star Dad, it very well could make all the sense in the world.

And then you go hug your kids as they head off to bed.

And you look back at the excerpt from the request that starts with
...I can not die in peace one day if I do not go.
The one thing this Gold Star Dad needs "is to kneel and touch the ground where [he] died.  To smell the air. To see what he saw his final days, final moments."

I cannot understand it completely.  I will say a prayer tonight thanking God that I cannot.  This Gold Star Dad is going to do this.  When he does I hope he goes with the support and assistance of friends, the protection of the best there is, and the knowledge that there are so many people who understand the love of a father for his fallen son and his need to find peace.

Please, for the sake of security, don't speculate as to the Gold Star Dad's identity in the comments.  It's just another layer of making sure he gets where he needs to go (and home) safely.

108 Hours

~~Code Monkey

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