Monday, March 21, 2011

Why "Operation Odyessy Dawn" is a bad idea

I see this playing out one of two ways:
1. Quadaffi holds out until political winds change and we leave–he wins. US “led” coalition seens as weak and ineffective. US seen as weak and ineffective, enemies abroad are emboldened against us.

2. Moslem Brotherhood (or some other 8th-century based voodoo death cult) wins. Claims either many were martyred because the Great Satan (TM) waited so long to help, or so many were martyred because the Great Satan (TM)was supporting Q-bert secretly. Enemies abroad are emboldened against us.

3. (Okay, there is another option) Q loses, Democracy and freedom reign, rule of law is restored and respected, and Libya becomes a shining example of a peaceful, stable, and successful African/Muslim nation, and ally to the US, UK, and France.

Which of those is LEAST likely, and which is MOST likely?


Or, Pop a dial-a-yield nuke at altitude, let the EMP knock out comms, (including cells, internets, and TV) and flatline everything with a chip or engine, and let them fight it out with small arms. No worries about EMP bleed over to other countries, they’re in the stone age, too.

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