Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Japan dog crisis!

Just saw a piece on AC360 about all the dogs in Japan who were left behind in the radiation zone.

1.  The journalists decided to enter the evacuation zone.  I hope they feel these dogs were worth the cancer.
2.  Dogs, all dogs, all pets--no matter how anthropomorphism we throw at them, are just animals.  When the choice comes down to get out of dodge, or gather the pets, you get out of dodge.  In a radiological situation, you get out of dodge in your skivvies, if that's what you have on.
3.  Journalist fed his lunch to one of the dogs.  Bet there's a Human in Japan whou would've liked a meal.
4.  Despite how sad this is, these dogs have now been in the radiation zone for weeks, have absorbed god knows how many Rems.  I can't imagine any rescue for them other than euthanization, and even then, I can't imagine sending a human being into a radiation zone to be humane to dogs.  There are people who will do it, but I'm not one of them.  

Next was a bit about a dog "trapped" on the debris floating in the ocean.  Japan sent its Coast Guard out to rescue the dog.  Rescuers went out in a boat, jumped in the water, scaled the debris, and rescued the dog.

1.  Floating debris pile means there's plenty of boat-killing debris under the water too.
2.  See above re: boats about jumping in debris filled water.  Nothing like getting snagged and pulled under by debris.
3.  They do know dogs can swim, right?  Like to the boat?
4.  Seems like a lot of effort, and risk to human life, for a dog.

Good to see AC360 is keeping up the hard-hitting journalism.  Up next, latest news on Snookie... seriously.

On the other side of the Sea of Japan, North Korea is facing a famine.  I see a moneymaking opportunity here...


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