Saturday, June 18, 2011

Father's Day for a Gold Star Dad

Words are inadequate to describe how amazing this Gold Star family is...
Below is a message from our friend, Robert Stokely:
1745 hours May 14, 2005 our family got a last hug and said a final goodbye as we had to leave Ft. Stewart (GA) by 1800 after Mike's departure ceremony.   The last fifteen minutes needed to be for him and his high school sweetheart now 20 year old bride of ten days to say their final goodbyes.  As I got to the car, my family already in, I paused, turned and took one more look.  Mike and Niki were embraced oblivious to anyone else, for many like them were doing the same.  A small still inner voice, one I believe is God's way of talking to me, said "take a good long look, for it is your last."  I wanted to take him with me, hide him away.  But he was a man and even though my son, he now belonged to a country.  He was an American Soldier.  

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